Overcoming Procrastination by “Kissing the pig for 21 Days”

All to often new entrepreneurs know they need to write a business plan, but they belabor the activity and it doesn’t get done. However, true entrepreneurs tend to be action oriented and they we still start some other business star- up task which may lead to an unorganized business launch and a waste of valuable resources.

One approached to over coming this procrastination is to do what I call “kissing the pig for 21 days. ” What do I mean by this? Well, research has shown that if a person does something for twenty-one days straight they begin to form a habit and kissing the pig refers to doing something you don’t like the most. Yet, once you have kissed a pig everything else doesn’t seem so bad.

So, this is how you kiss the pig when it comes to preparing your business plan or any other task for that matter:

  1. Make a quick list of 10 things you have to do to get you to completing your business plan. They should be specific and tangible. Example: identify 5 companies that sell similar products to mine and gather background on each one of them.
  2. Next, once you have identified the ten task pick the one thing you dread doing the most and attack it first. Don’t stop until you have completed the activity or have come to a point it is physically impossible to move any further.
  3. Now that you have completed the dreaded task give yourself a small reward. Something simple like some sweets or 15- 30 minutes of Sports Center.

Finally, now go back and do some more things on your list that you enjoy doing.

Continue doing this everyday for 21 days. Refresh your list at the end of the day. You should cross off those items you completed and add new items to keep your list at 10 things you can attack. Remember the goal isn’t to clear your list everyday, it’s great if you do, but that is not the goal. The goal is to develop a habit of attacking the tough task first, because everything else is easy after you have kissed a pig!

Here is a link to some other suggestions on over coming procrastination. Six Steps to getting it done!

Manch Kersee,Jr. is President of J. R. Dexter, Inc a Business Decision Support provider for small business.

Finance From A – Z: Action Plan

Term: Action Plan

Definition: A sequence of steps that must be taken, or activities that must be performed well, for a strategy to succeed.

What Does This Mean To Me:

An action plan will help move business strategies and objections from a great ideal to measurable results and are meant to be aligned with Business Goals. Each Business Goal should have a separate action plan. Each plan should contain sequential tasks that are essential to completing the plan, thereby, assisting in reaching the goal.

A properly prepared Action Plan will  measure progress and determine if goals are being accomplished or if additional adjustments are necessary.  There are eight basic components to an effective Action Plan. They are:

  1. Action Number– This is a sequential number in the order of completion
  2. Status - Not Started Completed, In Progress
  3. Task Description – A task description – it should be detailed enough that you can review it a month later and still remember what needs to be accomplished.
  4. Task Owner(s) – The Individual(s) responsible
  5. Duration – How long should it take in Days (use 1/2 day increments) If a task takes less than 1/2 day consider combing it with another item.
  6. Resources – The funds necessary to accomplish the task
  7. Start Date – When to start the task (each step must be time bound)
  8. Stop Date – When will the task be completed.

Useful Tool:

Click on the link below to download a template for a Action Plan.

Action Plan Template

Remember, an action plan should support a particular business goal and each plan should have less than 31 sequential action steps. If there are more then 30 steps you should check to see if the task are to detailed. Also, consider consolidating steps or consider splitting your one big goal into smaller multiple goals.

Comment below and let me know what you think or let me know if you have some additional information or tools for developing action plans